Peter Psarras

Research topics:
Hydrogen Production & Storage
Carbon Capture, Utilization, & Storage
Mineral Carbonization
Ammonia Production
Trace Metal Capture
Life Cycle Analysis
Techno-economic Assessment

Peter Psarras

Research topics:
Hydrogen Production & Storage
Carbon Capture, Utilization, & Storage
Mineral Carbonization
Ammonia Production
Trace Metal Capture
Life Cycle Analysis
Techno-economic Assessment

Pete Psarras

Research Assistant Professor

About Pete

Pete received his B.A. in Chemistry from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and continued to pursue his doctoral work at Cleveland State University. There, his focus shifted early from wet inorganic chemistry to computational, ab initio modeling of systems through first principles. He used this theoretical framework to explore Fischer-Tropsch catalytic surfaces and tuning them toward lower selectivity to methane.

After receiving his doctorate in 2014, he joined Jennifer Wilcox's Clean Energy Conversions Laboratory, then at Stanford University. There he focused on the modeling of sorbents for post combustion capture as well as geographic information systems modeling of source-sink relationships in carbon capture and utilization (CCU).

Pete joined Penn as a Research Assistant Professor in January 2021 where he acts temporary PI of the CEC lab while Jen is on DOE appointment. His research involves techno-economic assessment and lifecycle analysis of technologies spanning both carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) and engineered carbon dioxide removal (CDR). These analyses inform strategic regional pathways for responsible deployment of carbon management systems.

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Professional Service

University of Michigan Global CO­­2 Initiative –  Faculty Affiliate
2021 - present

Judge, XPRIZE Carbon Removal
2021 - 2025

ACS Cleveland, Chair-Elect
2020 - 2021

Associate Editor, Frontiers Negative Emissions Technologies
2019 - present

Judge, NRG/Cosia Carbon XPrize – CO2  Utilization Contest
2016 - 2021

Referee, Energy and Fuels (x6), Journal  of Hazardous Materials (x1), International  Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control (x4)
2015 - 2016

President, Vice-President, and Treasurer,  Graduate Student Interdisciplinary Research Club
2010 - 2014

Graduate Teaching Assistant Mentor
2012 - 2014

Undergraduate Chemistry Tutoring
2009 - 2014